Each episode, about 15 minutes long, is packed with concise tips, strategies, research, methodologies, case studies, and ideas to help you safely and effectively grow your wealth. Stuart Wemyss, a qualified financial advisor, accountant, tax agent, and licensed mortgage broker, delivers holistic advice. With four authored books, including “Investopoly” and “Rules of the Lending Game,” Stuart shares his insights through a weekly blog, which is replicated on this podcast.

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The Holistic Accountant

A holistic accountant goes beyond tax returns, aiming to offer proactive advice to maximise clients’ wealth after all taxes. Stuart Wemyss and Mena Abraham explore multifaceted considerations weekly, highlighting the need for a holistic approach. Each episode is succinct and to the point with no fluff or sales pitches.

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Guest appearances on other podcasts

We are regularly invited to appear on several highly-rated podcasts. Here are just a few…

Rewarding Property Decisions

This podcast is hosted by Jarrod McCabe from Wakelin Property Advisory. Jarrod shares his experience to help property investors make better decisions. You can follow this podcast here. Stuart joined Jarrod most recently in March 2024 to discuss interest rates, borrowing strategies, and the property market.

The Money Puzzle published by The Australian newspaper

Stuart appears regularly on The Australian newspaper’s, The Money Puzzle podcast with host, James Kirby. You can follow this podcast here.

The Michael Yardney Podcast

Stuart Wemyss appears as a guest on The Michael Yardney Podcast every month. You can follow this podcast here.

Elephant in the Room Property Podcast

This podcast is hosted by Chris Bates and Veronica Morgan and discusses hot topics that relate to property investing. Stuart has appeared on this podcast five time in episodes 39, 126, 162, 225 and 294, with his most recent appearance in August 2023, as shown below.

Your First Home Buyer Guide Podcast

This podcast, hosted by Veronica Morgan and Meighan Wells helps first time property buyers’ make wise decisions. Stuart first appeared on this podcast in 2021 to discuss the pre-approval process and all things financing. In episode 125, the hosts discussed the life cycle of an investor as presented by Stuart in the Investopoly podcast. You can follow this podcast here.

The Property Couch

Hosted by Ben Kingsley and Bryce Holdaway, The Property Coach is one of Australia’s most popular investment podcasts. You can listen to all three of Stuart’s appearances here.

Perth Property Insider Podcast

Hosted by Jarrad Mahon, the Perth Property Insiders Podcast gives you his insider view on the Perth property market. Stuart’s most recent appearance was in November 2023, where he discussed whether you should repay your home loan or invest.