Guilt Free Spending

In this video Stuart explains how he categorises expenses and how to manage your cash flow so that you can maximise your quality of life whilst also making sure that you will enjoy a comfortable retirement.

Here’s what I think about crypto


The price of Bitcoin has risen 64% in 2024 so far. That’s after rising 156% in 2023!   Last week, a client brought to my attention that the CEO of the largest asset manager in the world, Blackrock, suggested that crypto is a good long-term store of value. He likened it to digital gold.   This might …

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Should you ever prioritise short-term returns?

Regular readers of this blog would be aware of my unwavering commitment to adopting a long-term perspective when it comes to making financial decisions. While I firmly believe in this approach, I also recognise that there are occasions when short-term decision-making can offer advantages. Nevertheless, it’s important to note that such instances are infrequent and …

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Should you sell an underperforming apartment? Part 1

Apartments have underperformed compared to houses for the past 13 to 14 years in Melbourne and Brisbane and the past 6 years in Sydney.   Melbourne has been the weakest market. Over the past 13 years since 2011, the median apartment price in Melbourne has only increased by 2.6% p.a. Interestingly, this matches the inflation rate …

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Why do some locations outperform blue-chip suburbs?

I was motivated to write this blog for two main reasons.   Firstly, I observed several buyers’ agents on social media proudly advertising short-term capital gains. One instance caught my attention, where a buyers’ agent claimed to have purchased a property for a client 18 months ago for $435,000, asserting its current value at $510,000, implying …

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