Webinar recording: Future property investment returns

The below video is a recording of a webinar hosted on 26 April 2024. In this webinar, Stuart and Jarrod discuss what investment returns they expect investment-grade property to generate over the next decade and why. You can contact Wakelin Property Advisor here.

You can download a copy of the slides here.

We might be able to help you

If you are interested in investing in property, our mortgage broking team can help you make smart decisions by:
(1) Helping you set an appropriate budget. The most important question is how much you should borrow, not how much will the bank lend you;
(2) Ensuring your largest tax deduction (i.e., interest) is never compromised by structuring your loans correctly; and
(3) Of course, making sure you get the best deal i.e., highest interest rate discount.

If you are interested in speaking with our senior advisor, Jodi McKeown, simply reply to this email or contact us here.