Making the most of a recovering property market

The video below is a recording of a live event hosted by Stuart Wemyss and Jarrod McCabe of Wakelin Property Advisory on 24 July 2019.

About the presentation

The green shoots of a property market recovery are there to be seen, if you look close enough.  It’s been 18 months since prices began falling in Melbourne, with values now around 11% below their peak, but with the recent plateauing of values, the correction appears to be over.

Interest rates have been lowered and are likely to descend further in coming months. Banks are slowly passing on these cuts and are starting to relax some of their more onerous lending criteria, which hitherto had made it difficult for prospective buyers – especially investors – to enter the market.

We are at that point in the cycle where, in an ideal world, we would all buy, but it is a realisation that only dawns for many of us with hindsight.

For those who are fortunate enough to be in a position to invest, how should they proceed?

For the best directions, Stuart Wemyss and Jarrod McCabe of Wakelin Property Advisory discussed (in the above video) the follow:

Stuart will give a comprehensive brief on funding considerations including:
• Best available interest rates and how to secure them
• Banks’ current lending criteria
• Budgets: how much banks are lending based on incomes and deposits
• How to be a prudent borrower.

Jarrod will provide a detailed state-of-the-market brief including:
• Where and what can be bought, for various budgets
• Quality and quantity of stock
• Challenges and opportunities of buying in a ‘thin’ market.