How a proactive accountant can help you grow your business

Helping a business keep on top of their financial affairs has radically changed over recent years. With the help of a proactive accountant, more businesses are switching to cloud based software to help streamline their core processes. Although this has provided significant time and cost savings for businesses, accounting and tax compliance tasks can still be tedious and time consuming. Also, with improved, real-time information flow (as a result of cloud accounting), there is a massive untapped potential to help clients improve their revenue and profitability.

So, what’s the answer? Your own Virtual CFO

Our Virtual CFO Service assists our clients in taking their business to the next level, providing proactive and timely advice on a regular basis. We offer tailored packages where clients can relinquish the burden of handling their businesses bookkeeping, payroll, accounting and tax compliance. We will also help you use the information that your accounting systems provide to help you improve profitability and grow revenue. The Virtual CFO Service is tailored to each businesses requirements. However, this service typically includes:

1. Proactive Tax Planning

We’re able to provide business advice when you need it. With the use of cloud accounting, we have access to timely and accurate information as to how your business is performing. With our extensive knowledge in various industries, and can assist in providing not only benchmarks for particular industries, but ensure the right strategies are implemented to aid in business growth.

2. Management Reporting

Whether it’s monthly or quarterly reporting, we provide dynamic management and KPI reports with your business data. Reports can be easily downloadable and shareable and meet banking requirements should you need it for certain debt covenants. We can focus on things such as improving cash flow, look at individual product or service line profitability, drill down on expenses and so on.

3. End of Year Accounting

All your accounting and tax compliance are taken care of. End-of-year accounts are completed and ready for tax assessment by the due dates, without the stress of getting your accounting file finished and to an accountant in time. You will be provided with a Tax Timeline indicating when all your PAYG and Tax Assessments are due to assist you with your cash flow – so you don’t receive any unexpected surprises.

4. Monthly and Quarterly Compliance

We prepare your Installment and Business Activity Statements. These are electronically sent to you via a secure portal where you can then review and sign your IAS/BAS electronically.

5. Payroll

We’re able to provide payroll management and processing services. We can even set your employees up on time-sheets that automatically feed into your accounting software, making payroll accurate and timely. We will ensure your business is compliant with SuperStream requirements, Single Touch Payroll compliance (if > 20 employees), ensuring all payments are made by their due dates. Payslips are also automatically issued every pay-run to your employees email address.

6. Additional Services

We can provide additional services including business structuring, cash flow reporting, forecasting and budgeting and so on.

How a Virtual CFO can make a difference

By understanding your numbers through regular reporting and analysis, you have a better chance to grow and achieve results. The success of any business comes down to setting goals and planning. We can help you with this and monitor your progress. No longer do you need to spend time on day to day transactions, paying staff and suppliers, and juggling to balance the books. We want our clients to focus on what really matters, growing their business.

You need a proactive accountant that is accessible. We assist clients all around Australia and organise regular video conferences to stay up to date. With affordable tailored packages starting from $275 per month, visits this page or contact us for a confidential discussion.