Webinar: Should you use a family trust to invest in property or shares?

Below is a recording of a webinar hosted by Stuart Wemyss on 14 October 2020 . This easy-to-understand presentation provides you with an introduction to family trusts, including:

  1. What is a trust, a description of the 5 types of trusts, you responsibilities, costs and procedural matters.
  2. The benefits that a trust can provide including an analysis of potential taxation savings, asset protection and estate planning.
  3. How and when to use a trust if your are self-employed or a PAYG employee.
  4. An analysis of whether is wise to invest in residential property with a trust.
  5. The benefits of using a trust to invest in the share market.

Please note: Stuart omitted to mention (circa 24 minute mark) that there are some circumstances where owning multiple properties in individual trust’s may reduce an investors land tax liabilities (compared to owning in personal names). This may be the case where an investor owns several millions of dollars of property in one state – refer to this blog. This is why it’s important to obtain independent financial and tax advice before acting on the information contained in the presentation.