Eight rules for mastering the game of building wealth

Over the past few weeks my new book (Investopoly) has attracted a bit of media attention and I wanted to share this with you.

I have been discussing the framework that I have been using for over 20 years to help people invest successfully.

The truth is that investing successfully is easy. All you need to do is apply a simple framework that is underpinned by sound and proven fundamentals. Don’t try and reinvent the wheel. Instead, use the principals and methodologies that have been proven to work over many decades. This is called evidenced-based investing i.e. only invest when there’s an overwhelming body of evidence that confirms your investment will be successful. Evidenced-based investing doesn’t rely on predicting what the markets will do, relying on someone’s subjective option or speculating which particular investment will work. Therefore, it is lower-risk and the only way to invest in my opinion.

I have solidified this evidenced-based investment framework into 8 golden rules which are covered in my book. My promise is that if you follow these golden rules that you will be a successful investor.

Below is a list of podcasts and TV appearances where I discuss these 8 rules.

The Property Couch podcast

I was interviewed by Ben and Bryce – click here. It lasts 56 minutes – fast forward to 6:30 minutes.

Property investment, success & money podcast

Michael Yardney interviewed me – Part 1 covers rules 1 to 4 (22 min) – click here. Part 2 covers rules 5 to 8 – click here.

Smart Investing (Sky Business)

I appeared on the Smart Investing show with Chris Gray on 21 May 2018 – see video below.

Rules 1 to 5 – go to 0:40 min and watch the next 10 minutes.

Rules 6 to 8 – go to 17:30 minutes and watch for 5 minutes.

You can buy a copy of Investopoly here.