Warning: Impact of cost-of-living ‘crisis’ on your retirement 


The cost-of-living crisis has been well documented. It’s clear that prices for various goods and services have risen sharply over the past four years since the pandemic started.   Firstly, if you’re spending more on day-to-day expenses, it’s likely you have less to put towards investments, especially if your income hasn’t increased much during this time. …

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To what extent should you factor in an inheritance? 


In 2017, Griffith University estimated Australians would pass on a staggering $3.5 trillion in wealth over the next two decades. It is estimated that around $10 billion is inherited every month in Australia, and the numbers are steadily increasing.  Given these projections, it’s highly probable that many of you reading this blog will receive an …

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Guilt Free Spending

In this video Stuart explains how he categorises expenses and how to manage your cash flow so that you can maximise your quality of life whilst also making sure that you will enjoy a comfortable retirement.

Should you ever prioritise short-term returns?

Regular readers of this blog would be aware of my unwavering commitment to adopting a long-term perspective when it comes to making financial decisions. While I firmly believe in this approach, I also recognise that there are occasions when short-term decision-making can offer advantages. Nevertheless, it’s important to note that such instances are infrequent and …

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Webinar: Property, tax, borrowing and more.

On 14 February 2024, Stuart Wemyss joined Pete Wargent to discuss a variety of topics including the Stage 3 tax cuts, challenges with borrowing capacity and how to overcome them, property valuation strategies, superannuation investment strategies and much more.

Investment bonds: what are they and are they worthwhile?

Investment bonds are promoted as tax-efficient investment solutions, particularly if investing on behalf of children. In this blog, I consider the advantages and disadvantages of these bonds and discuss alternative investment options for consideration. In short, we almost never recommend using investment bonds. Here’s why…   What is an investment bond?   An investment bond is a …

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