Guilt Free Spending

In this video Stuart explains how he categorises expenses and how to manage your cash flow so that you can maximise your quality of life whilst also making sure that you will enjoy a comfortable retirement.

Should you ever prioritise short-term returns?

Regular readers of this blog would be aware of my unwavering commitment to adopting a long-term perspective when it comes to making financial decisions. While I firmly believe in this approach, I also recognise that there are occasions when short-term decision-making can offer advantages. Nevertheless, it’s important to note that such instances are infrequent and …

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Webinar: Property, tax, borrowing and more.

On 14 February 2024, Stuart Wemyss joined Pete Wargent to discuss a variety of topics including the Stage 3 tax cuts, challenges with borrowing capacity and how to overcome them, property valuation strategies, superannuation investment strategies and much more.

Investment bonds: what are they and are they worthwhile?

Investment bonds are promoted as tax-efficient investment solutions, particularly if investing on behalf of children. In this blog, I consider the advantages and disadvantages of these bonds and discuss alternative investment options for consideration. In short, we almost never recommend using investment bonds. Here’s why…   What is an investment bond?   An investment bond is a …

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Investment curveballs in 2023: 4 important lessons to remember for 2024

As investors, we gain invaluable insights by experiencing various markets and events, and by reflecting on our actions—those we took and those we didn’t. I firmly believe that experience is the key factor in preventing costly investment mistakes.   Hence, I dedicate time each year to ponder the lessons provided by the market in the preceding …

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Does Australia need a recession? Have we become lazy?

The recent decision by the RBA to raise interest rates may have surprised some people. While some argue that rates have already increased significantly and coupled with rising living costs, this could eventually control inflation, it is important to recognise the persistent threat that high inflation poses to an economy. Furthermore, central banks aim to …

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Want the option to retire/reduce working before 60? Consider establishing a third super fund

Many people face two financial planning challenges. Firstly, their projected super balance may not be enough to fund their desired living expenses in retirement. Secondly, they would like to enjoy the flexibility of being able to reduce working hours (or even retire in full) in their 50’s.   Often, the solution to these two financial …

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